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About the CSM
Founded in 1967 by former Canadian National Ski team member Don MacLeod, the first "marathon ski tour" was designed to be the longest in the world, promoting a spirit of fitness, friendship and fun.

A Skier's Paradise for those who love the Outdoors
If you love the outdoors, you owe it to yourself to experience the ultimate winter event. The world's longest cross-country ski tour is a skier's paradise and offers some of the best wilderness trails anywhere.

As much Challenge as you Dare
The annual two-day event features ten sections that span 160 kilometers of tranquility and beauty through the Quebec countryside: from Lachuteto Gatineau (Buckingham sector) with an overnight stop in Montebello.

It can be two days of easygoing skiing on pristine trails. Or it can be the adventure of a lifetime. You can ski as little as 12 km or as much as 160 km. You set the pace.

A World Class Tour with Safety in Mind
The Canadian Ski Marathon attracts over 2,200 skiers from 5 to 85 years of age. Keeping safety in mind, the CSM supports all participants with frequent checkpoints along the trail, providing free snacks, ski wax services and free shuttle bus services to the start point of your choice and returns you to your accommodation or vehicle when done.

Camaraderie and Family Atmosphere
The camaraderie and family atmosphere are among the many reasons people return to the event year after year. It is an event for the whole family which unites cross-country ski enthusiasts from across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Vision and Mission Statements of the Canadian Ski Marathon

Vision: A historic cross-country ski tour for people of all ages in celebration of Canadian winter.

Mission: By organizing annually a fully supported weekend in the wilderness, the Canadian Ski Marathon provides a uniquely Canadian cross-country skiing event with a broad appeal.

Value Statements: The CSM promotes cross-country skiing as an enjoyable part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and believes that the sport can be a means of personal challenge and self-improvement.

The CSM believes that Canada's natural environment should be appreciated and respected at all times, and promotes winter as a season to be celebrated. Once a year, the CSM provides a unique wilderness trail passing through public and private lands in the rugged forests, lakes and hills of the Canadian Shield.

The CSM values its heritage and its position in the rich history of cross-country skiing in Eastern Canada. The spirit of the CSM is expressed through the camaraderie and cooperation of volunteers and participants.

The CSM values the essential contribution of sponsors, landowners, volunteers and participants and seeks to provide them with superior service and appropriate recognition. The CSM believes in its not-for-profit status and, as such, strives to maintain its financial viability, and ongoing success.
about the csm